About Me


Olivier LAM, B.Sc PT, M.Sc.(A) PT, pht, graduated from McGill University in 2013

More Than Just A Career

My passion for physical therapy and desire to become better at treating patients led me to complete a lot more than the required continuing education by the Order of Physiotherapy in Quebec (OPPQ).

I have taken courses in different areas of physiotherapy, including:

  • SFMA Certification for Athletic Rehabilitation
  • TheRunningClinic Certification
  • Level 1 Manual Therapy Certification
  • Level A McKenzie Certification
  • Level B McKenzie
  •  Level C McKenzie
  • Level D McKenzie
  • Management of Chronic Pain Courses
  • CACR Certification for Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Reconciling Biomechanics and Pain by Greg Lehamn

Furthermore, I have participated in multiple events and symposiums such as the AQPMO “Bien Épaulé” in 2013.

On a more personal note, I have a strong conviction that education and active participation of my patients’ rehabilitation is what will give them the best results.

What Am I Up To Now?

I’m currently (January 2016 to June 2021), doing another master’s in Research In Health Sciences with a direct access to a PhD program in research at the University of Sherbrooke.

My PhD area of research is in acute and chronic neck pain. I’m also involved in research on the efficacy of the McKenzie approach to treat low back pain.

I’m also treating patients part-time.

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