Teaching ignorance

In physio, there are so many gurus that know it all! There are so many theories that explains everything… When we graduate, we have the belief that we can treat anything…

For example, when a doctor tells us “this patient has a lumbar sprain”, we laugh at it because we have the strong belief, based on our education, that this patient has a L5 Right Z-joint hypomobility in extension because of his lack of strength in the right gluts…

The physio education (at least the one that I received) spends too much time giving far-fetched answers rather than questioning and challenging our own biases.

Ignorance is what drives me… It is the thing that made me fall in love with physiotherapy… and there is nothing wrong about it….

Don’t trust everything those guru say. Don’t join the dark side.

Stay alert, stay skeptical. Whatever treatment or system you use… THINK.

There is no one-size-fits-all…


Ignorance creates questions… and questions are the answer to ignorance…



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